Monday, November 21, 2011

The China Cloud Culture Crawl

I had a couple of old screen prints up at The China Cloud (524 Main St.) for the East End Culture Crawl in Vancouver this weekend. The China Cloud is usually a venue but we turned it into a pretty swanky looking gallery for the weekend. It was pretty sweet. I didn't sell anything but 2 zines... but it was fun anyways. The Culture Crawl is a weekend where a bunch of studios are open to the public and art is up for sale. I checked out some of the studios on Sunday but in my humble opinion most of the art I saw felt really out of date, uninspiring, uncreative, and made me feel shitty about the art scene in Vancouver afterwards. I think I was looking in the wrong place though, there's hope.

My screen prints.

Bradley Messer makes paintings on wood combining his imagination and wood patterning.

Photos by Marcus Jolly.

Some diptic photos by Adam Gilmer.

Chris Leitch does crazy intricate pencil drawings on canvas that were impossible to document properly in the gallery.

This is the group minus me and Marcus plus Sid the dog. Courtney had some clothes and jewelry she designs for sale, and Bob had two classic looking acrylic paintings. The photo is the background is Chris' too. I did a nice, shitty job of documenting.

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