Monday, January 24, 2011 you know a place that's more fun than here?

The results of temporary insanity moments before my new camera broke which may be why the video is kind of weird quality. you know a place that's more fun than here? from shouldercat on Vimeo.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Just for Decoration

I have a studio space now in my friends' apartment. For payment, I am to decorate the hell out of their apartment. I'd been there for 2 weeks without putting anything up so I started getting harassed and then forced to do the following:

Fun little anecdote: I originally made this stencil for 3 Acadian boys who wanted a naked girl for their giant over sized RV they bought in the middle of the planting season. Told them I needed an image for reference so they handed me a play boy magazine.

This was a horrible undertaking. I had to remake these stencils cuz they were falling apart. I hate revisiting something that's done, plus it's such an anal, rigorous process. My mother is making me send them to some gallery in England where she apparently has a connection so they needed a freshening up. Now I might as well try to sell some and make some euros. Also, I never got around to putting them on the street legit, so I gotta do that too.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Classic

Today I gained a new appreciation for a classic game, actually it was my first appreciation and I feel like my whole childhood was a lie for never having tried it before. It almost feels worth it that the back wheel of my bike got stolen. Otherwise, I would never have been bringing home a replacement. Chance also had it that it was junk removal day in the area I was hanging out in so sticks - or the curved leg of a broken wooden chair - were readily available. The chair leg was slightly damp quite possibly from dog urine - I know the dog I'm living with would have pissed on it- but I didn't even care I had so much fun. I did my usually 30 min walk in half the time, running along like a little old fashion school boy (or children in a variety of countries where factory made toys are hard to come by). Practice is of vital importance, and by the time I was three blocks away from my house, I could do a whole block without the wheel falling down! I think all kids should revert back to this classic game, put away their non-versatile plastic toys and videos games. At the very least it should be introduced to gym class. I may start exclusively exercising this way - wheel with stick game.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

El Tió vs Santa Claus

Wow, this is the first time anything I've written has been edited and completely changed by an editor. Weird feeling. But I got published again on Vice! Now to mastermind how to get paid...or something...

Here´s the original text too. Maybe it was too politically incorrect, but I thought that was the whole point...