Friday, December 16, 2011

Hot Air Balloon

I made this for Claire for her 24th Birthday. Before she dies all Claire wants is to go in a hot air balloon. We promised her she'd get it by her 80th Birthday.

It's the first painting I've done in 3 years since my days making a portfolio to get into Concordia in Buenos Aires. It's funny to see how screen print influenced I am now.

close up

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Artist Interviews

Look I made myself a vimeo channel.
People should subscribe or something.
I'm going to try and put out these artist interviews periodically webepisode style.
Let's see if I can keep it up.
If anyone knows someone who would make a good interview or wants to get interviewed, let me know.
Also, if anyone in Vancouver has access to a mini DV camcorder also let me know. I need to digitize a mini DV tape with an interview on it and my mini DV camera is super broken.

Artist Interview: Annah MacKay

A new artist interview of my friend Annah. She's the best!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Stick to my Side

After one year of agonizing, meticulous, deliberation I have finally decided to give up on this video that I shot in the Fall of 2010 in Montreal (the credits and title I did in Barcelona). It was the first thing I shot with my new Canon 7D and little did I know until about a week ago that you can't treat HD the same as other formats in Final Cut Pro. I tried reediting the whole project, that didn't go very well, so I realized that it's time to move onto bigger and better things. So RIP little video. I did the best I could at the time.

If anybody wants to know how to use HD in Final Cut, I think I mostly know how now...