Sunday, March 29, 2015

Weather Spice II: Weather Spice Goes on Vacaciones

On our vacaciones in Mexico in Jan, we filmed the sequel to Weather Spice, Weather Spice goes on Vacaciones, in Mazunte with Jacqueline, Lydia, and Brad. If you want to be an informed viewer, you can watch the original Weather Spice here

Weather Spice Goes on Vacaciones from Toby Pikelin on Vimeo.
The long awaited sequel to Weather Spice picks back up with our hero in Mexico on vacation. Confident as always with her weather predictory abilities, she is faced with some unexpected challenges in an unfamiliar tropical environment.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Supper Club Time

Over the last three months I have been making posters using old images for my friend Gaby's monthly event, Supper Club Cinema, in Toronto. It's been really fun nerding out on making fonts, designing a logo, and I guess what would be considered graphic design. These are the posters newest to oldest.