Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I'd been wanting to try free hand spray painting for a long time, so when I heard about this abandoned water park near Barcelona and came up with a really simple idea at the same time, I jumped on it. Free hand is hard. I would need a lot of practice to get any good at it. Paint brushes are looking pretty good about now. I was too embarrassed to take any close up pictures but in retrospect I regret it now.

Making Of Time Lapse:

¡Panic! from shouldercat on Vimeo.


  1. t-baby
    this makes me so happy.
    you are the best.
    perf pairing of song too. one of the fx sounds like a spray paint can.
    well done. 2000 life points awarded to you.

  2. love ittttt
    y el ritmo con la musica es genial!!!
    Congrats! Good jobbbbbb ;)

  3. wowza.
    Good work.
    You've been talking about doing this for millenia.
    I'm glad it came out so hot.

  4. well done. well done indeed.