Monday, October 6, 2014

A Felted Dancing Pickle on a Stick

unexpectantly became very obsessed with stuff on sticks at Bass Coast this Aug. What was really revealed is that I've actually been fascinated with stuff on sticks at electronic music festivals since I started going to festivals five years ago. This interest was definitely spiked by the extreme joy and comfort my friend Jacqueline experiences when she dances with some sort of staff-like object in her hand. It all came together for me at The Librarian's set at Bass Coast with the goofy banana on a stick. I had to hold it, so I did. Then it was the ghetto skull on a stick. And that was it, I had to have my own thing on a stick. I came across a felted rainbow unicorn ducked taped to a cane - there was something I could actually do. If it wasn't for my fateful t-shirt trade, I probably would have just made the unicorn, but my dear friend Annah - upon witnessing the glory of my new t-shirt - suggested I felt a pickle, which turned out to be much funnier. And so the idea was born.

The following is what little documentation I have from the original pickle (the one that got stolen, see Yes, I Have a Boner - the documentary):

The pickle before he got his legs with a baby cucumber.

Just hours before getting stolen upon arrival at Shambhala.

Very sad. The sign didn't work.

The NEW Pickle reincarnation:

The solution to the unfinished business feeling I had about my stolen pickle (I never even got to take it to the dance floor) was clearly just to make another pickle. I made it on route to Winnipeg in time for Rainbow Trout festival.
Felted Dancing Pickle on a Stick II at Rainbow Trout.

I saw a girl at Rainbow Trout wearing my t-shirt. 
Turns out the t-shirt is not as original as it seems.
Completely shocking.

The pickle was a total hit at Rainbow trout. It was the only thing on a stick and everyone loved it. Back in Winnipeg, I was locking up my bike and a guy rode by and yelled 'pickle' at me. Apparently I was the pickle girl.

To conclude the pickle saga, here are a bunch of poorly taken photographs of friends with pickle:

As a lyrical genius of a man said in my documentary: ''A felted dancing pickle on a stick? How ridiculously crazy great is that?!''.

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