Wednesday, April 18, 2012

L.A.: The Streets

I put up some pieces in L.A. on a Friday night while I was there with the expertise of my local friends from the studio. It was pretty bad ass.

First we did the trial run for the piece that is now up in Vancouver. It's in the Arts District of downtown L.A. Apparently it's a really good spot but it's hard for me to tell since everything looks empty and barren around there. It was right in front of a bar where we went after and I got a pint of PBR for $2.50. Not bad. I never managed to get a day time photo. Tear. Better photos of it in Vancouver here.

This piece made me feel alive. We climbed a fucking building! So awesome!!! I won't give away trade secrets but it was not easy to get up there. It's on North Main Street close to the L.A. River a few blocks away from the studio. I like it. Close up pictures here from the same piece I put up in Vancouver.

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