Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Frühlingszeit (Spring Time)

My German upbringing aka. The Waldorf School still makes me chant again and again in my head this song about spring in German whenever I get the feeling of it being particularly springy out. It's full blown in Vancouver. Vancouver really knows how to do spring. I actually think that the first word that pops into my head for spring is ''Frühling'' rather than ''spring'' or even ''primavera''. I guess that's what happens when you get conditioned at a young age.
My new friend Arielle. 

Feathers on Trout Lake.

My favorite water bird, the coot. They're called the chickens of the sea because they bob their heads like chickens when they swim. They have red eyes, a white beak, and a bump on the top of their beaks that look like a 3rd eye. The best part is they have huge ribbed feet that aren't webbed. They hang out with the ducks.

The swampy part of Trout Lake There are some crows hanging out. 

Kalyn came and visited for a couple of weeks.


The first nice day, hanging out on the side stoop.

Garrett in The Garden.

This is probably my last post for a long time. I'm going tree planting for the whole summer. I'm going to try and do a drawing a shift (every 5 days) and post them. But tree planting is a creative black hole. I'll try my best to not get sucked in.

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