Sunday, January 23, 2011

Just for Decoration

I have a studio space now in my friends' apartment. For payment, I am to decorate the hell out of their apartment. I'd been there for 2 weeks without putting anything up so I started getting harassed and then forced to do the following:

Fun little anecdote: I originally made this stencil for 3 Acadian boys who wanted a naked girl for their giant over sized RV they bought in the middle of the planting season. Told them I needed an image for reference so they handed me a play boy magazine.

This was a horrible undertaking. I had to remake these stencils cuz they were falling apart. I hate revisiting something that's done, plus it's such an anal, rigorous process. My mother is making me send them to some gallery in England where she apparently has a connection so they needed a freshening up. Now I might as well try to sell some and make some euros. Also, I never got around to putting them on the street legit, so I gotta do that too.

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