Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Classic

Today I gained a new appreciation for a classic game, actually it was my first appreciation and I feel like my whole childhood was a lie for never having tried it before. It almost feels worth it that the back wheel of my bike got stolen. Otherwise, I would never have been bringing home a replacement. Chance also had it that it was junk removal day in the area I was hanging out in so sticks - or the curved leg of a broken wooden chair - were readily available. The chair leg was slightly damp quite possibly from dog urine - I know the dog I'm living with would have pissed on it- but I didn't even care I had so much fun. I did my usually 30 min walk in half the time, running along like a little old fashion school boy (or children in a variety of countries where factory made toys are hard to come by). Practice is of vital importance, and by the time I was three blocks away from my house, I could do a whole block without the wheel falling down! I think all kids should revert back to this classic game, put away their non-versatile plastic toys and videos games. At the very least it should be introduced to gym class. I may start exclusively exercising this way - wheel with stick game.

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