Sunday, October 31, 2010


My first roll of Holga photos turned out to be mostly a failure. These are pretty much the only barely usable photos that came out of a 36 exposure roll of self-roll, colour single perforated really old film. Everything was underexposed cuz the film was only 160 ISO and the Holga shoots at a pretty small aperature of 8 or 11. I kind like them but hopefully I'll have better and more results with a higher speed film next round.

Me and Darryl at his studio.

I think this is little Mieke in the greenhouse at Concordia.

Heskra! You finally made it on! But I disapeared!

JP and Cartouche.

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  1. holga is pure magic.
    It makes the concordia greenhouse look like the underside of a psylocibin mushroom.