Monday, February 17, 2014

Open Studio/Blog

It was open studio week at school a couple of weeks ago, so I thought I should probably spread the openness to my blog. As well as having our studios open of the rushing frenzy of the eager public (like 5 people showed up), I had my work from last semester up in the ''Sub Gallery''. This is a windowless white cube in the basement of the Concordia Visual Arts Building. Originally I was just going to have my print there, but they specially requested my 4 part panel that I'm going to wheat paste in the spring. I was going to not reveal it until then, but I don't care anymore.

Now for the grand tour of my studio. It is also in the glorious basement of the VA building. It's basically a windowless bunker with the more outlets than an entire house and gorgeous fluorescent lighting. We are there busy preparing for the apocalypse. My studio mate Jacinthe is the bomb and an amazing artist. She makes huge, weird, creepy paper mache room installations and screen print collage paintings. 

Here's my little corner set up for open studio week. I pretty much just come in here to smell my grass collection.


  1. is the grass for the nest you are building to live in?

    1. I knew there was a reason I was instantly attracted to this grass. This week nest building commences!