Monday, October 7, 2013

Dead Bird Under a Bridge

I thought I'd lost these!

I painted this one fine Sunday on a day off in Midway, BC under a bridge, over the Kettle river, right by my camp. I hadn't tried free hand spray painting probably since my mural in Barcelona in the Sitges abandoned water park. I was supposed to do this a lot over the course of the summer. I had a crate of spray paint in my car, but I failed miserably except for this one sketch. There's my dead bird, the mascot for winning and free love apparently. It was one of those times when I thought it was terrible and never wanted to look at it again, and then last minute on my way out of Midway at the end of the season I took a picture as an afterthought. I think it's pretty good for having no free hand skills. Getting good at this is on my to do list. I'm thinking about practicing with just dead birds until I get really good at them and figure out my style and some tricks. Also, I think I'm changing my street art name again. It's going to by Y-BOT. Just you wait. 

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