Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The End of The World

Here are a couple of uncompleted projects I started last winter. I was saving posting anything about them until I brought them to completion but now is a very appropriate time to let them out since they are inspired by the end of the Mayan calender that is going to happen this Friday Dec. 21st. If I don't post them now maybe I never will (because the world will end). They have to do with all the red wing black birds that were falling dead out of the sky by the hundreds in different places around the world like Sweden and the US (look it up). Those who know me, know of my obsession with dead birds and the apocalypse. When I head about all these birds dying a.) I couldn't believe I hadn't heard about it before and that it wasn't headline news (only headline news makes it to my ears usually) and b.) it felt like confirmation to me that something crazy is going to happen.

This was a sketch for a mural I was supposed to do in Vancouver on a plywood construction wall. It fell through. 

I expanded upon the mural idea that never happened and made this image to screen print onto some tote bags that I sewed by hand (with a sewing machine). The print was a failure because the system I was using wasn't into how finely detailed my lines are. I had big plans for those tote bags, it was heart breaking

There were two dead birds on the rooftop outside my window. Uh oh. Upon closer examination I noticed there was a 3rd completely disintegrated bird carcass. I'm trying to figure out what it means. 

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