Monday, November 19, 2012

The Boulder Beautification Project

The Boulder Beautification Project is Evan Sabourin's little baby. He really pushed the whole things forward. We trekked up an old block on day off and gave these boulders a make over. It's the most action they've seen in millions of years. We're talking about geological time here. I bet it's the most fun and attention they ever had aside from seeing tree planters pop a couple of trees by them a few years ago.


The green one was especially cool because it was actually exactly the same colour as the background and was nearly impossible to see from the road. We made a giant boulder that has existed for millions of years disappear! It was also fun doing the least illegal ''street art'' ever. Middle of nowhere art.

Then everyone went and painted their own (smaller) boulder:

Blinky and Winky reincarnated onto boulder by me and Annie

Garrett Jones everybody


I shot a short video of the whole process (until my made in China battery cut out) so stay tuned for that later.

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