Friday, October 26, 2012

Carbon Colosseum

The best abandoned house explorer/scavenger I know, took me to the burned down motel in Williams Lake this past June. It was unreal. Sort of like a time capsule, like the people covered in pyroclastic flows from Mount Vesuvius in Pompeii. But instead of casts of melted people there were perfectly preserved burned stereo systems and a fridge with identifiable food still inside. Part of it looked like the Colosseum. The motel had burned down sometime last February I believe. It was subsidized housing. Apparently the only one who died was a cat. I scavenged a helmet for biking. It had weird moldy ash covering the foam inside in a thin film. Amongst all the finds there were computer speakers, a jean jacket and a crazy Navaho print leather jacket. The back of the truck smelled like burned motel.

Within a few minutes of entering we heard voices and things crashing about, the source: this very drunk man. He was one of the former inhabitants of the motel. I'd probably be drunk too if my life could be represented by a burned skeleton (ok probably not). He stumbled around the motel falling on shattered glass and giving us a free historical tour. He took us to his uncle's room, where apparently the fire had started.



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  1. Waw! That sounds incredibly amazing! I'd have liked to go into the building with you! Brrr..! And to hear the story of its ony inhabitant!
    I was in an abandoned hotel in Makedonia, the biggest and luxuryous in the old Yugoslavia: more than 10 floors and in front of a lake! You'd have love it!! Still some notebooks, postcards, TV... I'll send you some pictures! Era increible!!