Thursday, December 2, 2010

Little Treasure Fairy Pouches

Unfortunately, this is what I've been up to. I'm scared I'm turning into one of those Etsy freaks! Someone save me before it's too late! I'm obsessed with making little leather pouches these days and now I plan on trying to sell them for all those holiday consumer suckers/tourists. Gonna make some euros (I hope)! I've put them up for sale at my friend Laura's vintage store, La Petite Parade, in Barcelona and I'm gonna do some street vending at some point. I can't wait till I stop sewing and make some real art!

In my pouch - which I've been wearing everyday for the past 2 months (pouches are the new keys, plus everyone actually uses the keys like the one I had around my neck to get into their houses)- I have the following: an orange crystal that's supposed to be good for everything (Annie, what's the name of it again?), a Herkimer diamond, a tiny b-day card my friend Russell gave me to make me feel better when I'm sad, and a button that fell off my shirt.

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