Monday, April 5, 2010

Time Stealers

This is inspired by the children's book, Momo by Michael Ende (the author of The Never Ending Story). In the book, this town is taken over by these men in gray, entirely gray, from skin to cigar. The people of the town don't notice them but they steal all their time and turn the village people into mindless drones who don't enjoy life at all. The only person who is resistant to them is Momo and she obviously saves the day. This was a test, and it worked really well, so I'm gonna print out more of them and make really long strings of them down some streets. I was gonna screen print it but I digitally printed it as an excuse for a project for my digital print class. Digital print is such a cop out, it was so easy!

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  1. these look great! I had not seen them out and about yet